Thursday, January 5, 2012

yeah, hi, I shouldn’t be here

I should be cleaning my room. Cause it’s, like, a major disaster. It usually isn’t the tidiest of places because it’s full of stuff that doesn’t really have a home, but usually I can cram it all in the closet and call it good. However… since before Xmas… yeah.

So I need to get in there and get it together. And clean my bathroom, too. I said to Self “Self, you need to clean this room. And this bathroom. Until then, NO SIMS FOR YOU!” and I meant it. I haven’t been on Sims once since I got up, and I reeeeeally want to play Sims.

However, I did not say one thing about not getting on the internets. So technically I’m not disobeying my Self because I’m not Simming, just… doing really important things here. For scientific research. And it’s top secret, so you can understand why I don’t say exactly what it is I’m talking about. Not that I could tell you even if I knew, because I don’t usually know. What I’m talking about, I mean.

Which sounds like a problem, but let me assure, it really isn’t. At least, not usually.

Next week we start back up the homeschooling and I feel really mixed about it. I want to do it because these days of just being lazy are cool, but pointless. I want to get back into the routine. The kids NEED the routine. Things get weird with them if they don’t have routine. Well, wierder than usual. If that’s even possible.

I need to find some type of outside stuff to do with these guys because it’s getting lonesome, just us doing it. The problem with that is that I’m SUCH a homebody and I hate putting myself outside of my comfort zone. But these guys need more than just me, and the socialization that comes from being with other kids. Although it’s not something I’m really super excited to go out and do, I look forward to it at the same time because it’s something new and different.

Right now…? my little doggie is trying to get my attention. She wants me to give her pets. So, I will go and do that Smile