Tuesday, June 19, 2012

in the land of my kids

 August has suddenly decided that it makes her "uncomfortable" for Paul to get up on her bed (they have a bunk bed, August has the top). This is a new development. And it makes her "uncomfortable" for Paul to play with any of "her" toys. They kinda have all the SAME toys, but somewhere along the way, they've been divided into Paul's toys and August's toys. There's a trading system in place, but I don't pretend to understand it. Anyway, all of this was revealed to Paul yesterday. Today, she wants to play with Paul's 3DS. Paul, who is usually pretty laid back, denies her request. August pouts, whines, gets mad, to no avail. I ask Paul why he won't let her, and he tells me about August's new-found aversion to letting him play with "her" stuff, or be on "her" bed, so HE doesn't particularly feel like sharing with HER. Fair enough.

August looks at Paul and says in this I'm-speaking-to-an-irrational-person voice "Paul. That was YESTERDAY. It's IN THE PAST. Why do you have to bring up stuff that ALREADY HAPPENED?" because, you know. IT WAS SO LONG AGO.

I told August that she was just gonna have to deal with it. She gave me A Look, sighed, and now I'm included in the too-irrational-for-words list.

Considering the company, that’s a good thing Smile

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  1. This makes me laugh so hard! I love your crazy kids.